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Industrialising Biotechnology in Space

For the benefit of life on Earth and beyond

Enabling research & development, and manufacturing in space

Accelerating discoveries through leveraging microgravity

Terrestrial and space applications, from drug discovery to bioreactors

Suborbital heritage and working towards an in-orbit  demo in 2025

What We Offer

What we offer

Accelerating biotechnology developments by enabling research in space. Our team of space engineers and life scientists are industrialising on-orbit manufacturing and testing through our miniaturised laboratory; SpaceLab.

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Why choose Frontier Space?

Low and flexible pricing

Fitting 120 valves into a shoebox-sized lab, compared to traditional microwaved sized platforms

Customer-focused ops

In-depth understanding of biological requirements, enabling us to fly a wide range of missions

Tailored to your needs

Manufacturing a 3D printed disc to house your samples in-house, allowing for rapid customisation

The right team

Building on years of expertise and IP from Cranfield University and partnerships with key organisations


The Possibilities Are Endless


Sustainability isn't just a goal - it's our guiding principle. Together, we're forging a path toward a more responsible and inclusive spacefaring future.

Partners & Supporters

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