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Our Team

Dr. Aqeel Shamsul

Co-Founder & CEO

Aqeel is a space engineer and space advocate from Malaysia. He believes that interstellar space is for everyone and one day we will go back to the Moon. He is a highly driven and ambitious person. A result-driven engineer and technically experienced in systems engineering in astronautics. He did his PhD in the core technology behind Frontier’s SpaceLab which is to enable bioscience, astrobiology, medicine, and material science in space. He has commercial awareness and experience in product development with a financial background. One of his passions is leading a multi-disciplinary team using interpersonal skills learned from his multicultural background and work experiences. He co-founded Malaysia Space Initiative (MiSI) in 2017 with other Malaysian space advocates to help grow the local space industry. MiSI is a non-profit NGO to promote space in Malaysia in collaboration with the Malaysian government, industry and academia to advance the space industry. 

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Tommaso Tonina


Passionate learner specialized in Space Engineering with research experience. Fast and curious student that mastered Mechanical, Aerospace and Space Engineering in the last few years. Eager to learn more and to contribute to space exploration. Willing to operate in a challenging environment, to tackle any kind of project, always seeking the most ingenious solution. Able to spur teamwork in a tight deadline and multi-tasking condition. 

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Dr. Zaria Serfontein

Co-Founder & COO

Zaria is an aerospace engineer by trade, passionate about sustainability and having a positive impact on the space sector. As COO at Frontier, she utilises her engineering background, including an MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering and a PhD in Space Debris Mitigation, and her extensive experience leading projects, to bridge the gap between the technical and the interpersonal. Always looking for the next big challenge, she was most recently chair of UKSEDS, the UK’s national student space charity, principal investigator for a microgravity test campaign as part of ESA’s Fly Your Thesis! initiative, and an analogue astronaut for the Asclepios II crew, supported by previous ESA astronaut Claude Nicollier.   

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Mateusz Zalasiewicz

Co-Founder & CTO

Chief Technology Officer at Frontier Space Technologies, focusing primarily on the development of SpaceLab. Technical experience includes several years of professional simulation engineering, software development, and multiple student projects (Formula Student & REXUS/BEXUS) with a focus on integrating control hardware with mechanical systems. Professional experience in spacecraft simulation and systems engineering, and in simulation and optimisation of multiple manufacturing sites within the UK, and managing related projects. Lead for software work packages on the 2nd generation development of SpaceLab. More recently, working on robust flight software development using space-qualified RTOS. 

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